Dear Tennis Fans,

Creating FULLACE is a dream come true for someone who loves tennis as much as I do. Tennis is a genuine passion for me. Sharing the content of this magazine with all those who are as passionate as I am is truly fulfilling.

You may have noticed that content is extremely important to me. Well-written articles with beautiful photos is my leitmotiv. The format and high-quality printing and paper were specially chosen so our readers could hold a magazine in their hands that reflects the quality of our articles.

You may also have noticed that there are very few, if any, ads. Pouring on the charm with advertisers is not really my thing. Obviously, magazines depend on ads for support, and ethical brands are more than welcome to advertise in our magazine. That said, we want to make sure that tennis stays the focus of our magazine and that it doesn’t become like others with ads on every other page. We also want to maintain our independence and not be forced to print articles with the sole purpose of promoting a brand.

When we started FULLACE, I received an email from someone asking about the link between the HIGHTOF machine and the magazine. I’m actually the inventor of the HIGHTOF, a revolutionary ball machine. I developed this machine for love of tennis and created this magazine out of pure passion for the sport. For me, these two things go hand-in-hand as the aim is to improve your game, share information and enjoy tennis. If I only cared about advertising my machine, it would have been easier – and cheaper – to simply place ads in existing tennis magazines.

As for the content in FULLACE, there will always be a focus on professional tennis and the elite ATP and WTA players who continue to make us dream. We should be proud that women earn the same prize money as men at tournaments in our sport. There are not many sports where this is the case, and it makes me proud. Our magazine will also cover young up-and-comers who have not yet made a name for themselves and deserve our encouragement. This includes kids, juniors, and the NCAA Championships. I hope this magazine will find a place in your heart and that this adventure will continue for years to come.

Abdou Haitof